Portfolio Information

  • Created by: Ian Rojas
  • Date: September 2019
  • Skills: Motion Graphics
  • Client: Department of Energy - Savannah River National Laboratory

Project Brief

The client wanted an explanatory video on the highly toxic organomercury
compound, Methylmercury. Presenting the harmful effects of the substance
in an engaging and educational way was paramount.

The Challenge

Ensuring the final result delivered a harmonious balance between scientific
information and compelling content presented an initial challenge.

My Approach

Employing animated graphics assisted in achieving a result that was both
explanatory and engaging. Whilst the nature of methylmercury is a highly
scientific one, animations proved effective in presenting an entertaining and
informative result. The combination of voice over to explain the effects of
MeHg as well as aesthetically-pleasing graphics underpinned my creative

*The two animations were part of a longer video piece produced by the SRS Media Department.