Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Effects & Motion Graphics 2007-2011

Miami International University of Art & Design



SRNS- Corporate Communications  | Jul 2018 – NOW
Motion Graphics Artist – Sr. Video Producer
•  As Motion Graphics Artist / Sr. Video Producer, my responsibilities include the creation of compelling videos and motion graphic elements.  My projects focus on environmental stewardship, national defense, non-proliferation, emerging technology, and research at one of the largest and most strategically valuable nuclear sites in the Department of Energy complex.

SRNS – IT Communications  | Feb 2012 – Jul 2018
Sr. Multimedia Specialist
•  Designed the corporate identity look for the Savannah River Site Information Technology Department; produced knowledge capture tutorials to mitigate knowledge loss due to workforce attrition; designed wire frames, web prototypes, and user interface for a broad spectrum of internal clients on site.

NOLCHA – NYC / Miami / London | Nov 2007 – Sep 2014
Freelance Graphic Designer
• Help lead the design transformation of Nolcha from a startup to an award-winning fashion
brand, successfully creating motion graphics designs that helped secure sponsorships with
Coca-Cola, SmartWater, and ASOS.

• Managed the design and development of all advertising and marketing collateral including
motion graphic videos, brochures, sponsor kits, television advertisements, magazine layouts,
and promotional videos.

• Designed an annual interactive sponsor kit to engage potential sponsors and increase
sponsorship funds.

VH1 – NewYork City | Oct 2010 – Dec 2010
On-Air Graphics Internship
• Integrated with a very talented team developing high-quality graphics and animation concepts to support on-air graphics. Created logo designs, bug animations, and lower third graphics.



After Effects 85%
Premiere Pro 80%
LiveStream Studio 85%
Adobe Audition 70%
Cinema 4D 40%
Illustrator 80%
Photoshop 75%
InDesign 80%
3D Studio Max 40%
Adobe Lightroom 90%
Camtasia 60%
Dreamweaver 40%
Acrobat Pro 90%


HTML 40%
CSS 30%
Javascript 10%


Make a Difference Day

Showcasing the employees of Savannah’s River Site, Make A Difference Day is a visual reflection of the invaluable volunteer services and donations that the CSRA community provides.

Campaign Information

Including social media within the video as a marketing solution, #MakeADifferenceDay tapped into the global power social media has to reach an international clientele and build brand awareness in the most time efficient way. As Emarsy’s explains , “42% of the world's population uses social media. That's 3.2 billion users worldwide.” Recognising this opportunity and the value of social media as a way to increase brand awareness and customer engagement, including #MakeADifference was key for the campaign’s effectiveness.

Complimenting the value of SRS’s volunteer services and donations, the unofficial secular holiday that celebrates community service and volunteerism proved a perfect reference. By aligning the public holiday with Savannah River Site, the project proved effective in increasing brand awareness.

  • Created by:Ian Rojas
  • Date:October 26, 2019
  • Skills:Video Producing, Script Writing, Video Editing and Motion Graphics
  • Client:Savannah River Nuclear Solutions

Motion Graphics Reel – 2019

This video is a collection and montage of work produced exclusively for the Savannah River Site, a Department of Energy nuclear site. The content in this video was approved for public release.
  • Created by:Ian Rojas
  • Date:October 20, 2019
  • Skills:Motion Graphics, Art Direction, Design
  • Client:Savannah River Site


Project Brief
The client wanted an explanatory video on the highly toxic organomercury compound, Methylmercury. Presenting the harmful effects of the substance in an engaging and educational way was paramount.
The Challenge
Ensuring the final result delivered a harmonious balance between scientific information and compelling content presented an initial challenge.
My Approach
Employing animated graphics assisted in achieving a result that was both explanatory and engaging. Whilst the nature of methylmercury is a highly scientific one, animations proved effective in presenting an entertaining and informative result. The combination of voice over to explain the effects of MeHg as well as aesthetically-pleasing graphics underpinned my creative approach. *The two animations were part of a longer video piece produced by the SRS Media Department.
  • Created by:Ian Rojas
  • Date:September 2019
  • Skills:Motion Graphics
  • Client:Department of Energy - Savannah River National Laboratory

Snap SRS

Project Brief
Employing an art competition to increase employee engagement and overall team morale, SnapSRS reflected Savannah River Site’s ‘Compelling Place to Work’ initiative. The pilot campaign created an art competition with the ultimate aim of increasing employee morale. Open to all SRS employees, the competition presented staff members with an opportunity to submit original artwork, showcase their creativity and embrace another dimension of their work. The selected winners and their work are now on display at SRS.

The Challenge
Delivering a video to actively engage employees and encourage their participation within the SnapSRS Competition was an initial challenge. An effective call-to-action was fundamental to ensuring the video was both explanatory and lead generating.
My Approach
After initial client consultation, the fundamentality of first establishing a distribution channel for contest information and art submission became clear.
With a focus on marketing to increase brand awareness and employee participation, a promotional tone underpinned the video. By employing a compelling, professional logo to represent SnapSRS and incorporating design email templates, the approach proved effective in presenting a brand-building video to promote the competition.
  • Created by:Ian Rojas
  • Skills:Video Producing, Script Writing and Motion Graphics
  • Client:Savannah River Nuclear Solutions


Project Brief
AMP wanted to present itself as a place for aspiring mid-career professionals to ‘succeed and win.’
The Challenge
Over-emphasising AMP and the success it delivers presented a challenge when creating an authentic video. It was important to ensure the ‘winning’ nature of AMP was fuelled by a customer-centric focus, rather than one founded on the pursuit of profit.
My Approach
Tapping into the metaphor of sports and the winning mentality underpinning such a culture, the video effectively associated AMP with the same success and strength that ‘winning’ teams are founded on.
With a carefully curated selection of employee interviews, the final result embodied AMP’s mission to present itself as a place which enables success for mid-career professionals.
Conducting a workshop with AMP’s steering committee proved effective in employing a collaborative approach. With a focus on leading, I was able to work alongside the committee to ensure the video remained true to AMP’s brand and mission.
By using staff members and their first-hand experiences of AMP, the brand was able to draw on its expertise and strong reputation to promote its winning nature. Furthermore, these client success stories proved powerful in presenting an entirely authentic, trustworthy and credible reflection of AMP and its capabilities.
  • Created by:Ian Rojas
  • Skills:Video Producing, Screenwriting and Motion Graphics
  • Client:Savannah River Nuclear Solutions

Demo Reel 2012


Client Image

Ian does excellent work. He recently helped me create marketing materials (a promo video and email templates) for a company-wide photography contest pilot. He went above and beyond to catch our employees’ attention.  I wouldn’t have gotten the number of responses I did without his unique designs. He goes above and beyond to capture his audience’s attention.

  • Caroline Reppert
  • Communications Specialist at Savannah River Nuclear Solutions
Client Image

I have been working for Savannah River Site for 29 years, and have never seen anyone as creative as Ian.  He always demonstrates a high degree of originality and creativity. His working knowledge of so many different design software packages is astonishing and coupled with his keen ability to make them work seamlessly together… our customers are very pleased! I wish I had the budget for several more employees like Ian!

  • Michelle Norris
  • SRNS - Lead of Information Technology Communications
Client Image
Client Image



Decatur, Atlanta GA