Ian Rojas multimedia designer. An animated portrait of a man with a charming and friendly demeanor. He sits casually with his arms resting on the desk, sporting a neatly groomed beard and mustache. His hair is styled in a modern, textured cut, complementing his wide, engaging smile that reaches his bright, expressive eyes. He wears a polo shirt with a subtle collar detail. The soft glow of a desk lamp illuminates his face, highlighting his lively expression. The setting suggests a creative workspace, as evidenced by the well-stocked bookshelves, potted plants, and an assortment of pencils in a cup, creating an ambiance of a designer's studio. The warm and inviting atmosphere conveys an air of creativity and imagination, much like one would expect from someone named Ian Rojas, a creative designer.

Multimedia Designer With Modern Techniques

Hello, I’m Ian Rojas, a multimedia designer.  I'm a visual storyteller who loves transforming complex ideas into engaging narratives through video, photography, and e-learning content. My passion for creating compelling visuals comes with a strategy - I'm all about capturing your audience's attention and taking them on a journey they'll remember.


Ian Rojas Multimedia Designer

Harvesting a diverse skillset across industries to cultivate innovative solutions.

Multimedia Instructional Designer

By integrating my extensive multimedia knowledge into the realm of instructional design, I architect and execute projects that not only resonate memorably but also yield substantial impact.

Principal Multimedia Specialist

At Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, I led the creation of a knowledge preservation department, crafting a state-of-the-art studio for on-demand, multimedia training content. From 2012 to 2022, my journey from Multimedia Specialist to Principal Multimedia Specialist saw the production of over 200 videos focused on environmental, health, safety, and national defense initiatives. I was also the driving force behind a virtual reality module that educated on “Especially Designed or Prepared” materials, and I innovated a gamified training experience for staff, which earned me an IT spot award. My tenure culminated in the successful implementation of a live streaming system, recognized by a Corporate Communications Spot Award.

Ian Rojas Multimedia WORk

Drawing from a rich tapestry of cross-industrial expertise, Ian Rojas, multimedia designer, blends unique skills to forge innovative approaches for every project.


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