About Me

Ian Rojas Multimedia Designer: A cheerful man with a beard is standing and holding a movie clapperboard. He's wearing a blazer over a striped polo shirt in shades of purple, white, and blue. The background features a warm gradient from yellow to orange, suggesting a vibrant, creative atmosphere.

My Story

Hello! I'm a visual storyteller, deeply inspired by the enchantment of Harry Potter movies from my childhood. This early passion led me to a rewarding career in visual effects and motion graphics.

Apart from my professional life, I am a keen traveler, advanced open water diver, and photography lover. These interests are more than hobbies; they infuse my work with innovative perspectives and vibrant creativity.

When tackling challenges, I embrace the unknown with enthusiasm, thriving on mastering new subjects and technologies. My drive for continuous learning led me to teach myself virtual reality video production, a skill that proudly brought my work to the Savannah River National Laboratory.

Balancing professional ambitions with personal pursuits is crucial for me. Whether exploring underwater realms, capturing life through my camera, or cherishing moments with friends, these experiences invigorate me for every new creative endeavor.

Let's embark on a journey together, where passion, creativity, and enjoyment intertwine to create engaging and memorable experiences.

My Skills Spectrum

Crafting Stories through Motion Graphics, Video, Branding, and Instructional Design.

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Creating unique identities and experiences to distinguish businesses in the market.

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Building early models to test and refine design concepts efficiently.

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Video & Motion Graphics

Combining animation and video for impactful, dynamic visual storytelling.

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Instructional Design

Developing educational programs and materials for effective learning experiences.

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