Portfolio Information

  • Created by: Ian Rojas
  • Skills: Video Producing, Screenwriting and Motion Graphics
  • Client: Savannah River Nuclear Solutions

Project Brief

AMP wanted to present itself as a place for aspiring mid-career professionals

to ‘succeed and win.’

The Challenge

Over-emphasising AMP and the success it delivers presented a challenge

when creating an authentic video. It was important to ensure the ‘winning’

nature of AMP was fuelled by a customer-centric focus, rather than one

founded on the pursuit of profit.

My Approach

Tapping into the metaphor of sports and the winning mentality

underpinning such a culture, the video effectively associated AMP with the

same success and strength that ‘winning’ teams are founded on.

With a carefully curated selection of employee interviews, the final result

embodied AMP’s mission to present itself as a place which enables success

for mid-career professionals.

Conducting a workshop with AMP’s steering committee proved effective in

employing a collaborative approach. With a focus on leading, I was able to

work alongside the committee to ensure the video remained true to AMP’s

brand and mission.

By using staff members and their first-hand experiences of AMP, the brand

was able to draw on its expertise and strong reputation to promote its

winning nature. Furthermore, these client success stories proved powerful in

presenting an entirely authentic, trustworthy and credible reflection of AMP

and its capabilities.